I listen to podcasts all day at work.. Here are my current favs.
  1. Women of the Hour
    @lenadunham does it again with this top notch podcast. Every episode inspires more in depth research into the ladies featured. Very cool stuff here.
  2. Lady Lovin'
    The perfect guilty pleasure! I love listening in on Lo, Jilly, & Greta! Definitely adds fun to Monday mornings.
  3. Freakonomics Radio
    Helps me learn something new every time I listen.
  4. Surprisingly Awesome
    One host spends the entire episode trying to convince the other host that something mundane is awesome.
  5. @newyorker Radio Hour
    Moves quick & features Amy Schumer. Great new addition to my podcast lineup.
  6. Stuff You Should Know
    Great reminder that I don't know nearly enough about the world.
  7. Any other @npr podcasts
    Fresh air for long interviews, this American life for interesting stories