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  1. Walk in to the movie with my pants full Twix, bag of chips, plus a Snapple
  2. Stealing all the shampoos, from the hotel’s pretty bathrooms
  3. Looking like a nice guy, ‘til I take your motherfucking Wi-Fi
  4. Doing business at the airport, Ask security, I ain’t fraught. Lot of shit up in my JanSport, Six ounce of the face wash (the limit three)
  5. My duffle bigger than what can board. My shuffle on during take-off
  6. But I know you see me J-walking
  7. At the stop sign, never fully stopping though
  8. Filling water cups up, with a lot of coke
  9. And if I am taking public transportation; On the quiet train I might have a conversation
  10. You 'gon learn what I’m 'bout, breh