Feeling nostalgic about the 90s music videos that taught me a thing or two about myself throughout high school. Here's five of a longer list...
  1. The Pharcyde - Drop
    This is one of those music videos that really made me stop and think about choreography and an image can be captured in an exciting and deceptively simple way. I fucking love this video. I fucking love this song.
  2. Nada Surf - Popular
    I remember seeing this video freshman year of high school and it was kind of empowering. I think it was probably because it was the first time I realized football players weren't the cool kids in my school, the social outcasts were. 'If you see Johnny Football in the hall, tell him he played a great game!'
  3. Pearl Jam - Jeremy
    A truly impactful music video... But let's be honest, this is just a beautiful film. If I could hang it on my wall, I would. Watch it now, in today's world. It's message is maybe more profound and important and it really taps into what a lot of us felt inside growing up.
  4. Rancid - Ruby Soho
    I got into punk music around the time this song dropped, and it was one of those videos that I watched over and over on a VHS tape. These guys were the epitome of a super tight punk band with wicked style.
  5. Saves the Day - Shoulder to the Wheel
    Perfect teen angst music to cling to as I launched into my last year of high school. This video sums up living in the suburbs, driving around looking for the party I wasn't invited to. But whatever, who needs parties when you've got emo ballads on the radio!