As a grown adult and novice world traveler, I'm humbled by the wonders this world has to offer. Here are some highlight/recommendations if you should find yourself in London or Italy.
  1. Roman ruins
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    I've never been so humbled by human history. The ruins of ancient civilizations tucked between the modern buildings of Rome made an old story feel familiar.
  2. Negroni
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    My new favorite drink. Equal parts Gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth over ice in an old fashioned glass. Try one if you've never had one. It'll make you feel old, in a good way.
  3. Da Otella in Trastevere
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    Eat here. Try the oxtail.
  4. Venice Jazz Cafe
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    I'm not a big jazz fan, but something about being in a dark club on a cold night in Venice made me a believer.
  5. Two towers in Bologna
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    You can climb to the top by way of old wooden steps for 3 euros. I'm afraid of heights, but it was worth overcoming for the view.
  6. La Prosciutterie
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    The first food we ate in Rome and it was exactly what we wanted. Fresh meats and cheeses in the place that does it best.
  7. Mulled wine!
    I didn't take a picture because I drank this stuff like water. It's warm red wine with spices and it's perfect when you're walking around London in the winter.
  8. Harrods!
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    I'm not a department store expert but this place has amazing architectural features and some great hidden food spots. Try the sandwich shop on the third floor.
  9. Winter Wonderland!
    No pictures, but this place was kitschy and cool. Massive setup with rides, amusements, food & drink (especially mulled wine).