5 things I consider when making a Spotify playlist

I'm a high school English teacher and it can be a long drive home after a long day's work. That's why crafting the right Spotify playlist is often more important than planning my lessons for the next day.
  1. The song has to have longevity
    We've all been guilty of including a song that we end up skipping every time it pops up on shuffle. Sure it has certain merits by itself or when included amongst an album. BUT it doesn't have that all important playlist quality that I am yet to be able to define.
  2. Oldie but a goodie
    You gotta have a couple of classics whether it be a couple of 80s emo (Cure, Smiths) or some indie grunge (Pixies, Nirvana). My more underground/uber cool/pretentious friends might say these are a bit cliché but I'm pretty sure I don't care when I am absolutely nailing the lyrics whilst stuck in traffic. These are your old friends whose company you still actually enjoy after all many years.
  3. A banger
    There has to be a banger. The songs where your hand automatically reaches for the volume button and your speakers beg for mercy. Flume tends to be my staple provider of beastly beautiful bass.
  4. The inappropriate songs
    I am a privileged white girl who likes to poorly rap along to the protests of oppression and discrimination that Kendrick Lamar so eloquently offers to his audiences. My love of Drake and Kanye is pure guilty joy. I apologise to all.
  5. The songs only your sister would understand
    Nothing can pull you out of a bad mood faster than blasting the Spice Girls or screaming along with Florence and the Machine. Some will tease you, especially if your account is public, but you turn that volume up and try to make sense of the lyrics to 'Wannabe'. Seriously they don't make much sense.
  6. Don't be scared to try new things
    Your new favourite song is out there waiting for you...