this is a really intense list to be writing during my english class
  1. to myself
    this was actually not a big deal to me i was basically just like okay cool whatever i'm lucky in that i didn't have any sort of crisis about it
  2. to my friends
    i was like ...... really nervous. actually making this information public used to actually cause me to have anxiety attacks
  3. to my family
    well i had been dating my best friend, a girl, about 4 months when this happened. i did it through text message while my girlfriend was in the hospital. it's a long story. they were fine with it even though they kept talking about how they could "tell" which is annoying.
  4. to acquaintances
    after my parents knew i no longer felt any nervousness. i will tell literally anyone and talk about my sexuality all the time. i'm really happy with that feeling
  5. right now
    hello strangers i am a bisexual girl dating another girl and i do not feel nervous about writing this even though i have residual nerves from just THINKING about how nervous i used to be