A Sampling of Things on My Walls

because @lizabeth told me to. i couldn't do everything because Reasons I Can't Make One of Those "Everything on My Walls" Lists
  1. ticket to see david sedaris
  2. a post card from artprize, my friend's senior picture, a button for the band fun., a postcard my gf sent my from arizona like 5 years ago, and a movie ticket to see catching fire
  3. a poster from a concert in 2011 that i framed, stickers from various bands/virginia, pictures from my secret santa
  4. i don't even really like grease that much
  5. a shrine to panic at the disco circa like 2011, other band posters
  6. a band poster my gf got me when i couldn't go, a varsity letter for marching band
  7. my first concert ticket (panic at the disco) and my favorite concert (fun.)
  8. this picture of me in girl scouts wearing purple sweatpants
  9. this large green day poster even though i don't really like green day and tre cool is constantly staring at me
  10. this card someone gave me once
  11. this cd rack my dad built me
  12. i tried to crop out most of the embarrassing stuff because i've been collecting this junk since like middle school