i made this list in 2015 Ways Im Reinventing Myself in 2016 so 2 months into 2016 i wanna check in how i'm doing
  1. i wear earrings now
    every day. i usually wear the same little fake pearl ones but sometimes i switch it up. i no longer think earrings look weird on me.
  2. i have done some recreational reading
    i started the martian because i wanted to even though i had reading to do for my classes. it felt great.
  3. i have listened to new music
    i started listening to music while walking to class again and i have fallen in love with courtney barnett.
  4. i haven't changed my wardrobe
    but it's like winter and cold. wait until summer
  5. i haven't gotten a tattoo
    but i think i've settled on one i want
  6. i DO do more stuff alone
    i went to the library alone for a while the other day and i hang out on campus alone a lot more than i ever have. some of this has to do with the timing of my classes but it still counts.
  7. haven't even thought about getting my driver's license
    baby steps
  8. i am cracking down on school
    i'm crushing this semester honestly.