Inspired by @meg1
  1. pirate and cat
    pretty self explanatory. i was a pirate and my brother was a cat who lived on my ship.
  2. coma
    introduced by my aunt and suggested whenever we were too hyper. basically you lay down and whoever moves or talks first loses
  3. bear on a string
    a very complicated game we could only play if my parents weren't around. i sprayed a beanie baby bear with a bunch of febreeze and then hung it from a long string. i then went onto the loft of our house and hung the bear over the railing. my brother was blind folded and had a fly swatter. his goal was to find the bear using smell and then hit it with the fly swatter. surprising that we didn't break everything in our house.
  4. hotel
    involved building a huge blanket fort with lots of rooms. also involved a lot if lamps in the fort which was probably a huge fire hazard.
  5. mountain climbers
    THE MOST DANGEROUS ONE. we would tie dog leashes in trees and use them to climb up. really dangerous because of the hanging from dog leashes but also the potential of branches breaking.