1. okay the premise is michael makes videos for a foot fetish website
  2. like one of those websites where people stick their feet in food and the send people the food
  3. michael is doing this to make extra cash.
    he has unexpected expenses probably because he drove his car through his neighbor's fence on accident or burned down their garage with a flame thrower after trying to burn leaves in his yard.
  4. i'm imagining a scene where dwight shaves michael's legs in order to get maximum views
    people with foot fetishes probably don't like HAIRY feet in their food
  5. meredith talks about her experience in porn
  6. theres a part where jim walks in on michael and dwight in michael's office and michael's feet are in a bowl of mac and cheese
  7. the episode ends with michael putting his foot-brownies in a box (ready to be shipped) and stanley and kevin finding the box. obviously they both eat a brownie