i ❤️ kurt vonnegut and these are my favorite of his books that i've read so far
  1. slapstick
    i love this book so much. in an essay he wrote (that's included in the book palm sunday) he graded this book as a D and said it was his worst one. i disagree
  2. breakfast of champions
    this is the book i suggest people read when trying to get into kurt vonnegut. it is so clever and funny and every time i read it i'm tempted to get tattoos of the various doodles in it.
  3. cat's cradle
    everyone has heard of this book i feel like and for good reason. read it if you like tech-y stories
  4. slaughterhouse five
    his most famous book. a weird science fiction war story that also feels a bit like a personal memoir
  5. god bless you, mr rosewater
    it's just weird, but i love it.
  6. welcome to the monkey house
    a collection of his short stories. some of them are really good but some are a little boring.