1. pub fish sandwich
    over breaded fish on a huge roll. slap some tartar on this thing for some moisture (you need it)
  2. nachos
    the cheese has the consistency of elmer's glue. delicious elmer's glue.
  3. baked potato bar
    technically the baked potatoes are a side to some kind of meat but honestly who cares about the meat
  4. pulled pork sandwich
    it's like weirdly wet kinda like it's already been chewed.....but it's tasty
  5. mac and cheese soup
    i'm 99% sure it's left over mac and cheese from whatever they served for dinner the night before but they serve it with a ladle so i guess that makes it soup
  6. make-your-own stir fry
    the line for this is like 10 minutes long so it's barely worth it
  7. ham mac and cheese
    would be better without the ham because even when you pick it out the essence is still there