1. i don't know what to say but i didn't want to not say anything
  2. one time biz called me the bees knees and it made me feel special and happy
    this is the first thing i thought of yesterday morning when i checked this app and heard the news
  3. i talked about her a little with ashley yesterday at work and i tried to tell my girlfriend about her last night
    it was weird trying to explain this situation to my girlfriend who herself frequently deals with suicidal thoughts so i had to be a careful but i wanted to talk about it
  4. i thought about her a lot at work yesterday
    i unfollowed her a few months ago because i didn't agree with something she said which now seems so stupid. i believe she continued to follow me. even though i unfollowed her i would still go check her account every once in a while because i liked her poems and most of her other lists
  5. it feels weird
  6. it feels sad
  7. i don't like it
  8. 💔