1. into thin air - john krakauer
    i really really enjoyed this book even though i usually don't read non-fiction. it's one of the only ones i would consider reading again.
  2. the things they carried - tim o'brien
    a collection of short stories about the vietnam war. it was actually pretty gory which i don't really like but the parts that weren't gory were great.
  3. the kite runner - khaled hosseini
    i loved this and i think it made me cry
  4. 1984 - george orwell
    i love a good dystopia
  5. the house of the scorpion - nancy farmer
    i forgot about this book until right this second but i loved this book and now i want to reread it
  6. to kill a mockingbird - harper lee
    i saw this play with my mom and aunt in 5th grade and then my aunt gave me a really nice copy of the book so i've always felt connected to it i guess?
  7. of mice and men - john steinbeck
    this book was good but then my teacher made us watch the movie for grapes of wrath and it was so boring so that kind of taints the whole experience
  8. lord of the flies - william golding
    would be better if there was anything other than white boys
  9. macbeth - shakespeare
    i honestly do not remember anything about the story at all
  10. romeo and juliet - shakespeare
    some rash decisions were made
  11. the jungle - upton sinclair
  12. catcher in the rye - jd salinger
    this book was dumb
  13. i definitely read more than this but i can't remember what