1. michigan chillers - jonathan rand
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    all time favorites
  2. american chillers - jonathon rand
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  3. al capone does my shirts - gennifer choldenko
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  4. clique series - lisi harrison
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  5. goosebumps - rl stine
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  6. loser - jerry spinelli
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    (and all jerry spinelli books)
  7. christopher pike books
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    i read christopher pike as much as i read rl stine and yet i've never heard anything about him
  8. the mysterious benedict society - trenton lee stewart
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  9. animorphs - ka applegate
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  10. my side of the mountain - jean craighead george
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  11. the babysitters club - ann m. martin
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  12. the boxcar children - gertrude chandler warner
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  13. a bunch of other random ghost stories
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    i was really into scary stories as a kid