1. Static
    classy pic of me
  2. First app checked in the morning/last before bedtime
    twitter or list app
  3. most-surprising app you depend on
    PNC Mobile gotta check on the 💰💰💰
  4. favorite ringtone
    in middle school my ringtone was smile by uncle kracker
  5. number of contacts in phone
    how can i check it's probably like 75
  6. favorite food/restaurant related app
    the jimmy john's app
  7. number of unread emails
    1039 leave me alone
  8. most watched entertainment app and favorite show
    i watch youtube the most and there isn't really shows so idk
  9. most liked photo in your instagram feed
    a pic of a nice sunset that is captioned "oh the places you'll pokemon go"
  10. most essential apps while traveling
    the podcast app
  11. favorite instagram feed
  12. game you really wish you could delete
    Covet but what if i ever want to play again??
  13. funniest text message of the week
    @feminist and i text each other a lot of memes
  14. most listened to artist
    jenny lewis probably or st vincent
  15. strangest auto correct mishap
    i dont know but earlier i tried to type paper and somehow typed pooper
  16. favorite emoji
  17. favorite podcast
    you made it weird or this american life
  18. favorite fitness/workout app
    none?? my watch tracks my activity i guess but i don't care
  19. alarm settings
    m/w 8am t/th 7 am boooooo