1. SO my parents have been really mysterious about what they are getting my brother and i this year
    we got new phones on black friday and we usually get one BIG present a year so we thought that was gonna be it
  2. we asked for little things for christmas day
    i wanted a tote bag and andes mints
  3. my parents apparently got us something else
  4. i was joking around yesterday and was like is it an apple watch??
  5. and then my mom got really weird and was like why would you think that?
    weird in a "did you just guess your present?" kind of way
  6. that is my first lead
  7. the other lead comes from my dad
  8. he's been talking about getting another dog recently and has been looking at puppies online
  9. but then he'll be like WE ARE NOT GETTING ANOTHER DOG
  10. but the other day he was like "how am i supposed to wrap that dog it's so squirmy"
  11. he was either making fun of me for wanting a dog
  12. OR
  13. he was trying to throw me off the case by making me THINK he was joking
  14. or my parents are messing with me and i'm just getting andes mints and a tote bag
    i mean that would be cool too it is what i asked for after all