1. hey guys what's up
  2. gonna complain for a sec if that's cool
  3. i'm in such a funk i guess
  4. school is going fine but being on campus makes me pretty anxious for lots of reasons and i haven't really been anxious all summer
    that's really gr8 lovin it
  5. i still hate driving especially at school
    THERES SO MANY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTHING IS SO BUSY and honestly i just want to stay in my apartment
  6. i also don't want to stay in my apartment because i'm lonely
    ITS BORING AF IN HERE like i just lay in bed or if im really bored i walk to target
  7. i can't find a job
    i've applied sooooo many places and no one is responding to me and it is so frustrating. with the money i have saved i could probably make it through the whole year but i want to have some spending money and fun money and just please hire me
  8. i've been extremely irritable
    which isn't how i normally am?? like everything is bothering me. i've been acting like such a brat especially towards my girlfriend who isn't doing anything wrong!!! and then i apologize for 30 mins and bother her more
  9. i feel bad about being such a brat but like i don't want to act differently really?? i just want to pout forever
    just let me sulk pls
  10. i don't feel close to anyone
    not only are all my friends separated this year because we don't live in the dorms anymore but i feel like all my friends are sick of me?? even my girlfriend who i think has implied she is sick of my complaining but i might just be paranoid??
  11. objectively everything is fine and i should chill the fuck out
    but i caaaaaaaaaaant