Inspired by @ijeoma.
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    panic at the disco
    2011. openers where foxy shazam and supposed to be patrick stump but he didn't show up for some reason so there was some shitty local band. the crowd was so terrible and pushy and all around not great. i was obsessed with panic at the disco at this time so i didnt care.
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    2012. one of my favorite concerts of all time. this was right after we are young was in that super bowl commercial and right before they got really famous.
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    foxy shazam
    2012. okay i looooove foxy shazam shows they are so much fun. (in case you don't know who foxy shazam are, their singer is the guy in downtown by macklemore who is not macklemore).
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    william beckett
    2012. does anyone remember the academy is? this was right after they broke up.
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    cobra starship
    2012. this was technically at a music festival in a baseball field with other artists but i only care about them. also garrett borns aka BØRNS played but this was before he was famous at all (fun fact he's from my hometown and i met him at this weird concert)
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    the cab/parachute
    2012. my ex girlfriend won tickets to this on the radio. it was on her birthday. we only cared about the cab. so many drunk middle aged people.
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    william beckett again
    2012? i think. this was a house show and it was REALLY FUN and cool
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    fun. again
    2012. with my parents!
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    fall out boy
    2013. RIGHT AFTER THEY CAME BACK me and my friends drove 7 hours to indiana and then waited in line for 7 more hours. i also punched a guy in the stomach because he was being a dickhead about his moshing.
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    warped tour 2013
    warped tour is not my scene. i went to the one in detroit. there was a tornado and we all had to go inside the arena
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    fall out boy again
    2013. same place warped tour was at. openers were panic at the disco and twenty one pilots. i didn't even try going into the crowd because i am a lazy concert goer and would rather watch from the back.
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    twenty one pilots
    2013. okay twenty one pilots are a jam. there were a lot if drunk people here
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    fall out boy/paramore
    2014. paramore were way better
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    fall out boy again
    2014. okay i've seen fall out boy 4 times. this was at the casino that's in my college town right after i came to college.
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    foxy shazam again
    2014. okay the openers were a michigan band named flint eastwood and they are so good and perfect and i love them so much so you should go listen to them.
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    ok go
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    none of my favorite bands are touring and i haven't gone to a concert in a million years (my favorite bands are no longer fall out boy foxy shazam or panic at the disco in case you were wondering)