1. dogman is kind of like michigan's version of big foot but the creature is half dog half man
  2. he is said to walk on his hind legs like a human but have the appearance and head of a dog
  3. Static
  4. there have been sightings in the woods of northern michigan since the 1800s but the legend really took off in 1987 when a radio dj wrote a song about dogman as an april fools joke
  5. after this song played on the radio, people began to come forward with their sightings
  6. there's a video called the gable film shot by a man in the woods which is mostly shots of a deer and a dirt road but at the end there is some sort of creature that appears to run at the camera
  7. the tv show monsterquest supposedly debunked this film as a hoax
    but how much do you trust the show monsterquest?
  8. there's two movies about dogman and i heard that they are making a third
    my family is very invested in these dogman movies
  9. they star larry joe campbell as hanklin pervus
  10. Static
  11. here's a picture of my parents with THE dogman from the movie
    now i'm getting off topic
  12. i don't know if dogman is real or not but all i know is i don't hang out outside in the woods after dark