Inspired by @DG this is gonna be hard because i'm not THAT close with my brother
  1. 1/2 are in high school
    it's not me HAHA SUCKER
  2. 1/2 have a mustache (kind of)
    also not me
  3. 0/2 can drive even though we are both the appropriate age to drive
  4. 1/2 knows about computer stuff
    not me
  5. 1/2 likes trying new food
    my bro only eats chicken tenders
  6. 2/2 like tarantino movies
    the main way we bond
  7. 2/2 are not really into the outdoors
  8. i was gonna say 1/2 is gay but honestly i've never asked my brother and maybe he is IDK
  9. 1/2 is dating a girl
  10. 0/2 have disappointed our parents