it seems like there's been more lows than highs lately but there are a lot of reasons i stick around
  1. actual best friends
    like really strong female friendship which we've had going for years. we connect on what feels like a different level
  2. she is really funny
    the other day she said that i think she's funny because she learned her humor from me which might be true
  3. similar morals
  4. same views on feminism
    feminism is really important to us both. we've talked about how it probably wouldn't work so well if one of us didn't know anything/knew a lot more compared to the other. we are both always learning but we're also both in the same place so we can talk about those things easily.
  5. comfortable being silent with each other
  6. we have a lot of fun together
    because we think the same things are fun
  7. we're smart in ways that compliment each other
  8. we are good at communicating with each other
  9. comfortable being naked with each other
    one of our favorite things to do is take baths
  10. we don't judge each others bodies
    i never ever have to shave for her in fact she said my armpit hair was cute. also important because she is dealing with/recovering from a severe eating disorder
  11. she's really cute
    SO cute