1. my parents ask if i'm coming home every weekend
    i come home every weekend and one weekend away wouldn't kill me or them but it's still cute
  2. sometimes i can get my brother to watch documentaries with me
    even though i can tell he doesn't want to
  3. my parents will bring home donuts on the weekends
    when my brother and i are sleeping in
  4. my dad will make sure to leave coffee in the coffee pot
    just for me
  5. my dad made me breakfast and packed my lunch every day for me while i was in k-12th grade
  6. my brother shows me music videos
  7. my parents will trap my brother and i in long car rides after we go out to eat
    we pretend to hate this but really it's fun
  8. my dad tried bubble tea with me
  9. sometimes they'll humor me if i want to watch bob's burgers or ghost adventures
    my 2 favorite shows
  10. last weekend we went cosmic bowling
    sometimes we try lame fun new things
  11. shit like this