i'm feeling a little sad and emo about this situation https://li.st/l/7mAGep3uHCsHS3eE15NBib tonight so i decided to tell this story which i think is cute. THIS IS VERY PERSONAL
  1. we both came out to each other as bi before we came to college together
  2. once we started college we started talking about our sexualities a lot more
  3. i had a huge giant crush on her but didn't want to say anything and ruin my favorite friendship i've ever had
  4. she lived in a different dorm
  5. i started going to her room every night and we would watch the office together
  6. we started kind of snuggling while watching the office
    this wasn't something that was normal for our friendship. we were not like overly affectionate friends
  7. i would always have nervous butterflies
    how lame is this to admit but i'm all about HONESTY on this app so i'm doing it. i was always hoping she would kiss me
  8. we went home for thanksgiving and went to a get together at a mutual friends house
  9. we got drunk
  10. we were hanging out in the basement with all our friends
  11. she started trying to whisper to me but was actually talking pretty loud
  12. she said "do you ever want to kiss me when we watch the office"
    i said yes
  13. she said "do want to be my girlfriend"
    i said yes. also this might seem kind of sudden i don't know but we were already really close best friends so there was no need to like date or anything before
  14. we made out in my friends guest bedroom and then fell asleep
    this story also doubles as the story of my first kiss
  15. in the morning we got breakfast
  16. the rest is history i guess