how to: make fried pickles

  1. so, @feminist and i realized that all we want to eat are fried pickles
  2. this poses a dilemma because we don't have money to buy the amount of fried pickles that we desire
  3. but then we realized we are adults and can make fried pickles
  4. we are going into this with no knowledge of deep frying and are using a recipe ashley saw on facebook
  5. we have no mixing bowls in our apartment but we did have a soup party a few weeks ago and our friend left this slightly larger bowl at our place
    it is now a mixing bowl
  6. this picture is titled "that seems like too much paprika"
  7. the pickle coating operation begins
    we snacked on a bowl of pomegranate seeds for energy
  8. so far so good
  9. we read online that if you put a wooden spoon in oil and it bubbles then it is ready for frying?? so we did that but we also used a cheap food thermometer we bought (because we are scared of getting salmonella)
  10. the frying begins
    we started off with three pickles because we do not want to ANGER THE OIL
  11. they came out looking really good!!!
  12. ashley carefully adds another pickle into the pot
  13. we think our oil is cooling down because they progressively got less and less brown
    but we don't know because we know nothing
  14. SUCCESS!!!
  15. damn that's a fine pickle