a follow up to this Vday 2016 vs. Vday 2015
  1. i got my valentine's day date
  2. even though it was a week late
  3. she drove up to school today to see me
  4. she brought me flowers and a big teddy bear and perfume i wanted that i couldn't justify splurging on
    i was like wow holy cow
  5. it was super cliche
  6. and so cute
  7. and then we went to olive garden
    because we like olive garden and that's as fancy as we get
  8. this is where i get to go yay recovery!!
    because she didn't purge or order the thing on the menu with the least calories or any of that
  9. and then we went to the casino and she won 12 dollars
    the casino is the only thing to do in this dumb small town
  10. and then we played monopoly with our friends
  11. and now we're chillin in bed
    she can't see me writing this
  12. and right now i feel happy
  13. "if this isn't nice, i don't know what is"
  14. 😊