1. okay sorry that title might be inappropriate for this lists content but i think it's funny
  2. anyway i broke up with my gf
  3. also trigger warning ‼️‼️
  4. ANYWAY i know like 2 days ago i made a list talking about supporting with someone with mental illness
  5. and yesterday i decided i don't want to do it anymore
  6. so i broke up with my girlfriend
  7. because she has a bad habit of going inpatient
    it is a habit we've talking about it. she goes every other week. it's draining on me and i don't want to deal with it anymore
  8. she also has a bad habit of using self harm and suicide as threats to keep me with her
    not saying those threats weren't effective because i broke up with her while she was ip
  9. and also because i hate being an actual babysitter to another adult
    she was in a cop car going to er an HOUR after leaving my house i mean COME ON
  10. and i'm tired of learning stuff i have no desire to know
    did you know that swallowing batteries won't kill you?
  11. basically i'm just tired of having this shitty one sided unstable relationship
  12. so i said don't contact me until you can be less of a shitty human
    HARSH I know but i think that's what she needs to hear and also i completely meant it
  13. and that was that
    next week will be a year since her first suicide attempt and her first stint ip and i feel like i've been doing this long enough
  14. and i feel weird about it
    not really bad but also not great. i still feel extremely loyal to her but whatever
  15. but it's fine i'm fine everything is fine
    SOOOOARING FLYYYYYING (also isn't the name "breaking free" the name of like every eating disorder support group? i swear she went to like 3 with that name)
  17. bye guys love u