1. my university sends out like 20 service trips each semester covering a wide variety of topics and i am on one right now!!!
    mine is for children with disabilities
  2. yesterday we drove from michigan to pennsylvania
    it was supposed to be a 10 hour drive but it took 14
  3. we had to switch vans in lansing because ours got a cracked windshield
    there's 11 of us on the trip and we drove here in 2 rented mini vans
  4. Static
    we are staying at a house that is connected to a church and the pastor is really nice and loves CMU football
  5. today we are going grocery shopping, going to hershey for our little fun time trip, and then going to orientation for our service which starts tomorrow
  6. we will be splitting time between autism classrooms at several schools and a horse therapy farm
    we are here till thursday!!
  7. i just took the coldest shower ever and my air mattress deflated last night
    but still having fun!!!
  8. i will keep ya'll updated
  9. day 1:
    we went to HERSHEY!!!! this isn't like a "vacation" trip but we get one free day to do what we want and so that's what we did. i got so much chocolate.
  10. and then we played mafia to the light of a random candle we found for like 4 hours
    and we're doing it again tonight
  11. day 2: still in progress
    so far we went to the farm and got oriented and it was AMAZING we all cried. it is an 100% volunteer run horse therapy that services people of all ages with disabilities and there are so many animals AND I GET TO BRUSH MY OWN HORSE HIS NAME IS CASH. i am VERY VERY EXCITED
  13. day 3: we went to two schools this morning and observed in their autism and learning support rooms
    i played trains with a little boy and it was one of the highlights of my day
  14. then we went back to the farm to help out. we moved the mini horses across the farm and brushed all of our horses again. we also sorted brushes and BELIEVE IT OR NOT part of our chores is holding a bunch of cats and dogs
  15. then it was my night to cook dinner so i made stir fry and the. we went BACK TO HERSHEY to get milkshakes and to ride the ride and get more free chocolate
  16. here's an unfiltered pic of the sunset on the farm LOVIN THIS TRIP STILL
  17. day 4:
    we went to a christmas concert at one of the schools and then went to a high school life skills class and got our butts handed to us by those kids at dodgeball. WE WERE SWEATIN. now we're going to the farm to watch the MINI HORSE EXTRAVAGANZA STAY TUNED FOR PICS
  19. day 5:
    we spent ALL DAY at the farm helping out. i cleaned a lot of stalls and restocked a lot of hay. WE ALSO GOT TO RIDE THE HORSES and do a simulated therapy ride. we rode without saddles just like on little mats and we had to turn around while riding and stuff. I LAYED DOWN ON A HORSE BACKWARDS
  20. heres some of my group members throwing me hay from a really tall barn
  21. i rode the horse that has black and white spots his name is pacman
  22. we are about togo to dinner and then tonight we are cleaning up. heading back to michigan tomorrow at 5am!!!!