1. in high school i had a history teacher who told us on the first day that teaching was his fall back career path
  2. his first career path was being in the cia
    he told us why he wasn't in the cia and i honestly don't remember the reason but it was something dumb and seemed fishy
  3. he also was the leader for quizbowl
    aka my favorite club of high school so i knew this guy well
  4. my theory was always that he led quizbowl to find "smart kids" or something and then he would recommend them to the cia a la agent cody banks so they could become junior spies or whatever
  5. because why wouldn't he join the cia if he had the chance also he didn't even seem like the teachery type
  6. i was not chosen to be a junior spy in the cia
    OR WAS I???
  7. i'm still not convinced i was entirely wrong about my whole theory though
  8. anyway i just saw him in walmart and he didn't say hi to me
    maybe because he regrets so badly not picking me