because she's like my favorite person on earth
  1. she was in obvious child
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    a movie where a woman gets an abortion. and it's okay. and the guy knows and doesn't try to stop her. and it's very real and amazing and wonderful.
  2. she grew up in a haunted house
    listen to her episode of you made it weird with pete holmes (i have like 25 times). her house was haunted by a sea captain smoking a pipe
  3. she makes marcel the shell with shoes on
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    with her husband dean fleischer-camp. and it's the most heartwarming thing you will probably ever watch. marcel keeps it real
  4. her tweets
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  5. she said fuck on snl
    i mean accidentally but i still think it makes her badass
  6. this story she told on late night with seth meyers still makes me cry laughing every time
  7. she's mona-lisa saperstein
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  8. she's tammy larsen
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  9. so many other things
    like stand up and her impressions of her parents
  10. i love her so much and wish i could text with her or be pen pals tbh