juggalos (or juggalettes) are fans of the insane clown posse and a group of people i find very interesting
  1. juggalos like to spray each other with faygo
  2. juggalos have big meet ups where they camp and spray each other with faygo
    it is unclear to me whether or not the actual insane clown posse attends these things?
  3. juggalos wear face paint that can be different from or the same as the face paint worn by insane clown posse members shaggy 2 dope and violent j
  4. a lot of them have tattoos of the hatchetman or a little symbol for icp of a man running with a hatchet
  5. juggalos yell " WHOOP WHOOP" at each other
  6. juggalos have been classified as a gang
    there are violent and non violent juggalos and sometimes the violent ones attack the non violent ones. they also didn't like this and icp sued the fbi
  7. violent j looks just like guy fieri