Last 10 things I Bought on Amazon

Inspired by @lizabeth and everyone else
  1. joanna newsom box set
    perfect fall driving music
  2. a lavender apple watch band
    my white one was getting all dirty and gross
  3. a ladybug necklace for my girlfriend
  4. then i ordered like 10 children's book for a class i was in so i am grouping those all together
  5. a diva cup
    i ordered this because this app convinced me but i always forget to use it
  6. this plain septum clicker
  7. this fancier septum clicker
  8. abbi jacobson's coloring book
  9. a phone case i ordered for my old phone
    it turned out to be really ugly and i never used it
  10. a textbook
    i don't think i even used this but i still have it so if you need it i will ship it to you?? @ other elementary ed majors