inspired by @ellaellakennedy and her list diaries. i think this is a good way to get me back into this app that i don't feel that engaged in anymore?? possibly
  1. the past few weeks have been weird
    since this is my first list diary i get to talk about a couple weeks
  2. i have had a billion and four projects and papers to turn in
    and i have been doing very well on them thank you very much!
  3. i broke up w my ex gf (again)
    i think this is the last time though for a variety of reasons
  4. i have been observing at a school
    i have to do this to get to the next part of the teacher ed program but it is really fun! i am in a kindergarten classroom 5 hours a week and i have gone for 3ish weeks so far. the kids are a handful but they are also very sweet. it warms my heart to hear "miss carly can you push me on the swings?" 100 times during recess.
  5. been taking a lot of baths
    this is what you do when anxiety rules your entire life i guess. it helps
  6. i had food poisoning
    i puked all over myself in my bed it was fabulous. qdoba fuckin betrayed me
  7. i saw a movie alone
    it was edge of seventeen and it was pretty good. my ex girlfriend hated movies and i love them so this was a kind of FU to her in my head.
  8. my dad has to start chemo in the new year
    it's fine though
  9. tomorrow is the first year we aren't hosting thanksgiving for my whole family
    it feels weird. we are going to my aunt's house
  10. i am very excited for christmas
    i loudly sang christmas carols the whole 2 hour drive home from college last night. christmas is my favorite holiday
  11. i am doing a week of volunteering the first week of christmas break and last night we found out we are going to pennsylvania!
    we are going to be working on a horse ranch that does horse therapy for children with special needs.
  12. my ex gf is also supposed to go on that trip but probably won't be allowed to go
    lol thank god
  13. my brother got accepted to the same school i go to and is probably coming there next year
    and he did a scholarship competition to potentially win a full ride so i am no longer the smarter sibling
  14. i have been bonding with my bird
    a pic from 15 mins ago
  15. its been a Wild Ride emotionally but i feel strong and optimistic
  16. and that's what you missed on glee