1. wednesday
    last wednesday i was home on my first day of thanksgiving break. being home makes me so much less anxious so i was just relaxing there and watched netflix all day and i think i went shopping with my mom
  2. thursday
    thanksgiving! i went to my aunt's house which is not what we normally do. it was fun to see that side of my family but we had to leave early because my dad was tired from having surgery last tuesday
  3. friday
    my grandma came over and brought us leftovers from her thanksgiving. then my mom and i went black friday shopping and i found things for various secret santas i'm a part of ;). that night my parents and i watched movies for 6 hours. i picked all three so we watched elf, big eyes, and then nightcrawler. i think they liked nightcrawler the most
  4. saturday
    my fam and i got indian food at our favorite restaurant and then we went and saw fantastic beasts. it was weird because we don't usually go out to the movies but my mom wanted to see this one.
  5. sunday
    i went to goodwill and got lots of sweaters for the impending winter. then i had to drive back to school which sucked. i put up a little christmas tree in my apartment though
  6. monday
    monday would have been my ex gf and i's two year anniversary so i reflected on that a little bit. mostly thought about how that relationship was literally draining the life out of me whatever that is a whole completely separate list. i went to class and did observations at a school and then ashley and i got chinese food at the place by our apartment
  7. tuesday
    tuesdays are my loooooong days. i forgot my math course pack at my apartment so i had to go get it in the middle of the day and lose my good 8am parking spot. i gave a presentation on car seat safety. i had a meeting for my volunteer trip at 10pm which sucks every week but the trip is going to be fun
  8. not that eventful of a week which is just how i like it