judging solely on the first class
  1. health education in the elementary school
    seems so fun. professor is great and young and funny. only drawback is it's my only monday class and it's at 9am
  2. infant and toddler development
    the lecture seems boring but we all get to go into daycares every week and PLAY WITH BABIES!!!!!
  3. reading in the elementary school
    the professor is young which is a plus but it's also her first year teaching a college class and she seems unprepared and frazzled. she is really sweet though
  4. math for elementary teachers 2
    i took part one last semester and it was easy so hopefully this is the same?? i hate math though so like
  5. phys ed for classroom teacher
    i haven't gone to this one yet but if they make me run it's going to be my least favorite class
  6. learning theory in elementary education
    i'm waiting to go to this one right now but it sounds boring and it's three hours long and the professor has already emailed us about presentations. i am NOT EXCITED