i made a similar list last semester but in that one i hadnt gone to any classes yet and this semester i have gone to them all
  1. early child administration
    this class is really small and with one of my favorite professors. also we learn about what it takes to me administrators of childcare programs/headstarts etc how cool is that
  2. art in the elementary school
    we learn to incorporate art into our classrooms as well as potentially teach art to our kids if our school doesn't have an art program and i am very excited to do art
  3. music in the elementary school
    same idea as art but with music. less exciting because we all have to teach a singing lesson and i can't sing
  4. teaching in inclusive settings
    this is one of 2 special ed classes that general ed students have to take (which i think kind of sucks) but i am VERY EXCITED to learn this stuff. i am less excited that it's a night class from 7-10pm
  5. life science for elem teachers
    this is a bio class and while i don't mind biology, there is a 3 hour lab we have to do and i am not excited about that
  6. quantitative physical science for elem teachers
    it's a physics class and i had to take college algebra twice YOU DO THE MATH.