My Dorm Room: A Tour

  1. the door
    it bothers me too that the mirror is crooked
  2. keys, cute calendar from target, laundry basket
  3. my bed
    it's bunked because i don't have a roommate because my girlfriend moved out. now i have a room to myself. also the bed squeaks a lot and I'm scared the top bed frame will fall on me
  4. top of my dresser
    honestly the essentials. ipad, tissues, wrench, embroidery hoop, knitting, book, coloring book, chargers, toe nail clippers
  5. my dresser
    alllll to myself i don't have to share with anyone. first drawer is leggings, second two are pajamas, fourth is random cords, and bottom two are empty
  6. my extra desk
    i don't use it but my betta fish used to live here (rip)
  7. my bookshelf
    extremely handy. filled with food, dishes, books, makeup, etc.
  8. my desk
    and the window which looks at basketball and volleyball courts. also featuring garbage cups i need to throw away and a stack of children's books. i sit here sometimes and do WORK
  9. the closet
    i don't hang many of my clothes and the closet is half full of a king sized mattress pad from when the previously mentioned girlfriend and i shared a bed. did you know two twin xls pushed together makes a king?
  10. i actually really love my room
    maybe because it's just me and i love my privacy