My Ten Item Wardrobe

Inspired by @Fitz. i make my wardrobe super simple in case i need to ever been drawn as a cartoon character
  1. sorel glacy boots
    okay honestly i think these boots are a little ugly.....but they're so warm and quick to put on so i deal
  2. birkenstocks
    my go to summer shoes. i only buy fun colored birkenstocks and usually wear these yellow ones
  3. wool socks
    honestly i buy all my socks at sam's club
  4. aerie underwear
    idk why i like these underwear so much maybe they make my butt feel safe
  5. old navy leggings
    they are cheap and i have probably collected around 30 pairs
  6. old navy joggers
    when i feel fancier than leggings. is it obvious i have an allegiance to old navy
  7. old navy pajama pants
    if you see me after 6pm i'm probably wearing these
  8. school sweatshirt/knit sweaters from goodwill
    fire up chips
  9. 38mm apple watch
    still undecided about this
  10. septum retainer/cheapy pearl looking earrings
    i only wear a retainer in my septum because i'm 100% too lazy to ever change the jewelry