i got one on christmas so that gives me enough time to make a judgement on it right
  1. makes my arm feel fancy
  2. i don't use it that much so i only have to charge it every two days
  3. don't set up the activity app
    stop telling me to stand up
  4. i wish there was more games or something
  5. it makes me feel like a spy
  6. where's the list app app for apple watch
  7. i wish it had a flashlight
  8. would be more fun if i knew more people besides my younger brother who had one
    the tapping thing and drawing thing is fun but it isn't funny to draw dicks and send them to your little brother
  9. it does make a really pretty watch though
    i used to wear watches so having a watch again makes me feel mature
  10. i don't think i fully know how to use it yet