Inspired by @julieuhls but with less stories about my crushes finding out than in her list because i never have the guts for that
  1. jonas
    a kid at daycare i thought looked like harry potter
  2. sawyer
    first grade: his dad was like a famous puerto rican opera singer or something
  3. austin
    middle school: a really cute kid in my grade AT THE TIME unfortunately he still looks 12
  4. grant
    junior year: like the hottest boy i've ever seen still to this day he was a grade older than me and i was infatuated
  5. mea
    senior year: one of my best friends to this day, i had a brief crush on her and later she had a brief crush on me but now we're just good buds
  6. amanda
    probably like the past 6 years or something: current girlfriend long time best friend
  7. people i see or interact with on the reg
    i don't know how to say this without sounding like a horrible girlfriend but my gf and i talk about people we have little crushes on all the time it's not weird i promise. i get crushes easier in college than ever before and i have lil crushes on probably like 3 girls rn