Questionable Pictures I'm Tagged in on Facebook

alternatively titled: some weird pics and also some pics i think i look kinda cute in
  1. me sleeping on the floor
    bonus appearance from @feminist
  2. me looking like i'm hungry for human flesh while wearing a marching band uniform
    fun fact the girl in this picture is my girlfriend and this is like 4 years before we started dating
  3. me in front of cinderella's castle
    i was a freshman in high school and wearing god damn DENIM CAPRIS
  4. me accepting an emmy
    JK i was helping set up for a frat formal
  5. me jumping i guess?
    this is from middle school. also featuring my girlfriend. there's like ..... a lot of these on facebook
  6. me on halloween
    basically picking my nose NICE
  7. me being too excited for the situation