Inspired by @brimattia. this is also a step by step guide to live my life
  1. jimmy choo illicit
    okay starting out with something nice. this stuff is the only perfume i've found that doesn't give me a massive headache while wearing it. and it also fades into a really nice vanilla scent and i spend a lot of time sniffing my wrists.
  2. string cheese
    i'm sure you've eaten string cheese in the past but how about now? here is a reminder that string cheese is great and you should go buy some.
  3. eagles are turning people into horses: the movie
  4. the django unchained soundtrack
    this soundtrack is great i love feeling like i'm in a weird western when i walk to class?
  5. covet
    this dumb fashion app i can't stop playing. i think i've talked about this before
  6. chelsea does
    i really enjoyed this though at times it felt like there was just too much chelsea. i recommend it though go watch it or don't
  7. using various social media platforms as a diary to shout your feelings into
    see: my list app account and my private twitter that i let like 4 people follow. i can't guarantee this will work but i also can't guarantee that it won't.
  8. burning your actual diary
    i did this randomly over the summer and it was the best decision i ever made probably