Inspired by @emilyannlosey. my favorite kind of list to make is a salty one
  1. this kid in my theatre class named josh
    complains constantly and tries to make weird jokes about the holocaust
  2. my aunt and uncle
    they h8 the gays
  3. a friend who will remain nameless
    joined a sorority which is fine but now never makes time for old friends and when we do see her ONLY talks about said sorority
  4. ex-girlfriend
    every reason under the sun and also her family
  5. girl who is moving into my room next semester
    i'm moving out and into my friend's room but i'm still annoyed that she's coming and making me dismantle my megabed
  6. whoever decided i needed to take a math class
    fuck u
  7. kid that lives across the hall
    chews disgustingly loud
  8. kim davis
    remember that whole thing