i finished classes today and started packing up my dorm. exams are next week and i will never live in a dorm again a week from today.
  1. the first part was bad
    i moved into a dorm room with the girl who i was dating at the time who was obviously too mentally ill and unstable to be at school. she moved out after a month and i felt like SHIT. the pressure to be her support system from 2 hours away while also keeping up with school sucked. i skipped a lot of class and half assed a lot of work. i didn't get the best grades.
  2. Static
    our megabed aka 2 twin xls pushed together ft. a bunting i made that said no boys allowed
  3. Static
    @feminist and i during homecoming looking cute as hell
  4. Static
    my fish bo. may he rest in peace.
  5. but then things started getting better
    not to brag but i worked really hard this semester. i stopped procrastinating and letting myself skip class all the time. i realized my relationship was abusive and got out. i set boundaries for how she was allowed to interact with me. i went back to counseling. i signed a lease for next year. i signed my major. i got a job. i got a car.
  6. Static
    i switched rooms with my roommates and it was great not having to be in a space that i was supposed to be sharing with someone who was important to me anymore.
  7. Static
    the squad on st patricks day (probably the most sober people in our whole hall)
  8. Static
    i got an a in a college math class??? i mean it was math for elementary teachers but still?? i don't have to take the final because i got an a
  9. Static
    and now sometimes i study outside because outside is nice and the sun is good for you
  10. and i'm proud of myself for coming out of this year on top
    and i'm excited to not have to eat caf food next year