i just got really excited about doing whatever i want
  1. get driver's license
    i got my permit renewed today i should take my road test in like 3ish weeks I KNOW I'M A LATE DRIVER but i have a car now and i'm excited
  2. learn to skateboard
    something i just thought of an now i'm dying to do
  3. work a lot and make $$$
  4. join a bowling league
    i love bowling
  5. go visit my friend on the other side of the state
    because you know...driving
  6. hang out in coffee shops that i can drive to because i'm a cool kid who can drive
  7. make friends that aren't shitty friends i've had in the past
  8. not worry so much
  9. do a lot of stuff alone
  10. do whatever i want
  11. drink more water