1. i was born october 15, 1996
    1996 was an eventful year that i don't remember because i was an infant
  2. bill clinton was the president
  3. the number one song was the macarena
  4. followed by no diggity
  5. janet jackson was the highest paid musician
  6. tupac was murdered
  7. 44% of US households owned a personal computer
  8. fargo came out
  9. carl sagan died
  10. the dallas cowboys won the superbowl
  11. the olympics were in atlanta, georgia
    and there was a bombing that i didn't know happened?
  12. the oj simpson trial began
  13. DVDs were launched in japan
  14. they arrested the unabomber
  15. princess diana and prince charles were divorces
  16. lance armstrong got cancer
  17. the first sheep was cloned
  18. wal-mart banned a sheryl crow album