1. i want a short dress
    i have no idea why and i don't know how popular these are because i've never seen one on say yes to the dress
  2. in the fall or winter
    fuck being hot
  3. my dad isn't giving me away
    i love my dad a whole bunch but he doesn't own me
  4. maybe outside
    my parents got married on a cliff over lake michigan which is 🆒 i think
  5. probably not a cake
    i don't even like cake
  6. probably not in a church
    i'm not religious but i guess if my partner was/liked churches??
  7. can i serve jimmy johns at my wedding
    they cater
  8. dj playing music i like/pop hits of the early 2000s
  9. none of that hitting your glass with a spoon and expecting me to kiss someone stuff
  10. everyone has to dress nicely
    except my mom who i've never seen in a dress so she can wear whatever the hell she wants
  11. really short ceremony
    weddings are boring i'm sorry
  12. nice heartfelt vows in private and standard stuff during the ceremony
    i am not professing my love for anyone in front of my whole family and all my friends that would be so awkward
  13. i'm having like 0-1 bridesmaids
  14. you can bring your dogs