Inspired by @lame
  1. second grade: coming in from recess and kissing the ground and saying "hallelujah"
    i don't know why this was such a big deal it just sounds funny to me
  2. second grade: putting a snowball under my hat
  3. third grade: got yelled at for pretending my leg was stuck in a pile of snow so i didn't have to go in from recess
  4. seventh grade: detention for not doing my science homework
    i always did my homework though and the one day i didn't was the day my teacher decided to make an example of all the kids who didn't do it. i cried in class and some boy was like DON'T WORRY I GOT ONE TOO!! and then i cried harder
  5. eighth grade: kicked out of band for not being quiet
    and then my band director told me he hoped i didn't do high school band (spoiler alert i did all 4 years of it)
  6. 9-12th grade: just generally being a nuisance during band especially marching season
  7. 11th grade: got yelled at for pushing a marimba into a kid
    okay that kid called me a bitch once he deserved it
  8. 2 weeks ago: professor told me to put my phone away during class
    i was probably on this app