Requested by @biz
oh biz you really opened up a rant inside me that i didn't know i needed
  1. people who use the phrase "devil's advocate"
  2. people who date their cousins but it's okay because they're married into the family and not blood
  3. chewing noises
  4. the feeling of chalk or clay on my hands
  5. people who don't use headphones in public and just play music loudly from their phones
  6. holding any kind of animal because i don't want to be peed on
  7. most snl monologues
  8. when my socks slide down in my boots
  9. holding babies who can't hold their own heads up yet
  10. everyone you run into at a casino
  11. drunk people
  12. people who aren't drunk but act drunk
  13. anytime i have to do an ice breaker
  14. people who are rich and won't admit it but just kind of humblebrag about it all the time
    my roommate bought $400 worth of text books and was like THAT WASN'T SO BAD and i was like bitch
  15. the silent treatment from anyone older than 7
  16. the feeling of foundation on my skin