just a recap of the past 5 minutes of my life
  1. •
    i am a half hour early for my math class
    as i always am
  2. •
    i am the only one sitting in my classroom
  3. •
    the clock in this room has trig functions instead of numbers
  4. •
    a man enters holding another normal clock
  5. •
    he scopes out the room, looking for the best place to hang it
    since the trig clock is in the normal clock space
  6. •
    he decides that tying it to the speaker is his best option
  7. •
    he steps down off the chair and looks me in the eyes
  8. •
    "thank you", he says
    i have not spoken to him or done anything to assist him in his task
  9. •
    he leaves
  10. •
    a minute later, an old man wearing a baseball cap enters the room
  11. •
    he looks at the trig clock and then at me
  12. •
    "two clocks now" he says. and leaves
  13. •
    the clocks are not ticking at the same time
  14. •
    i feel like i'm losing my marbles